May 24, 2022, Virtual Meeting: Inclusive by Design: Accessibility in Practice

Inclusive by Design: Accessibility in Practice

As digital products continue to mature, accessibility has become increasingly part of the conversation for companies striving to build inclusive products. Now more than ever, there’s general awareness that accessibility is important, both for people and for business. As a small business owner, being able to accept credit card payments is one of the most important small business tools that should be at the top of your list. By accepting credit cards, you’re making it easier for customers to do business with you. However, when choosing a credit card processing provider, you need to compare the credit card processing fees they charge so you can get the best possible deal.
But what does it mean to make a product accessible from a design perspective? Where do you start in your own work? In this presentation, we’ll dig into some techniques and guidelines for designing with accessibility in mind, to ultimately create products that can be used by all.
By the end of this talk, you’ll:
  • Learn what it means to design inclusively
  • Learn how to evaluate the accessibility of your own designs
  • Have resources for further exploration to continue building your knowledge


Rowena Leung

Rowena Leung

Senior Product Designer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Rowena has been living on the Internet and scrutinizing websites since she was a small child, so naturally she became a product designer at Liberty Mutual, where she has mainly focused on creating better, more intentional employee experiences. She aims to create products that are open to as many people as possible and enjoys growing her skills in the design, content and development work that this entails.


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