Breaking Into UX: Understanding the Question Behind the Question in UX Interviews

Imagine you are in a UX job interview for the company of your dreams. You get asked a question, which you literally answer based on your skills, experience, and background. But, the interviewer looks bewildered and says, “You did not answer my question.” In job interviews, there’s a question behind the question. It’s almost like you need a decoder ring to know the right thing to do. In this talk, Brian Sullivan will provide you with some practical approaches to answering some of the most commonly asked UX interview questions.

What You Will Learn:
  • Common questions asked about you, your resume, and portfolio
  • What’s really behind the question you are being asked
  • Strategies to more effectively answer those questions
  • How to handle trick questions from people
  • Ways to understand micro-expressions for better conversations


Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan

Director, User Research and Design Strategy at Sabre Corporation

Brian Sullivan is a Director of User Research, Accessibility, and Design Thinking at a large travel company. He is an Amazon bestselling author. Brian organizes the Big Design Conference. Plus, he teaches on user research, product design thinking, digital accessibility, service design, and usability testing at SMU and UNT. Brian has traveled around the globe speaking at industry events. He is a native Texan (born in Dallas).

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