Data Storytelling: How researchers & designers can make people care

Join Angelika Kenward as she weaves together a compelling story filled with quirks, examples and explanations, and maybe even some data. Learn not only about data storytelling, but also the skills you likely already possess to make it possible.


Angelika Kenward

Angelika Kenward

Analytics Manager, Diversified Communications | UX Research Consultant

Angelika Kenward has held a number of seamingly different positions in her career. Underlying all of them was one constant: data. Even while working as a Licensed Social Worker, she would track her patients’ behaviors to try and uncover some underlying patterns and trends. After spending a couple of years conducting therapy, she moved into higher education. There she built new teams, processes, and automations all on the backbone of data. In that time she was able to also obtain her PMP and many other certifications which are all proudly displayed on her LinkedIn. She currently leads the analytics department of an international events and marketing company. When she is not hunched over her computer, you can find her biking, reading, or chasing after her kiddo and dog.


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Wednesday, July 24


  • 6:45–7:00: Welcome and Announcements
  • 7:00-7:45: Presentation
  • 7:45-8:00: Q&A

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