Speaking Engineer-ese: Applying UX Know-how to Small UI/UX Teamwork

Speaking Engineer-ese: Applying UX Know-how to Small UI/UX Teamwork

Do you find yourself struggling to resolve difficult conversations with tech-minded cohorts? We can apply our UX knowledge to navigate these conflicts and deliver the best products!


Speaker Julie Jacob

Julie Jacob

UX/UI Design Lead, Berkshire Grey

Julie currently works as the Design Lead for UI Development and User Experience at Berkshire Grey, a logistics and fulfillment automation company that specializes in AI enabled robotic technology, where she established the first steps to a cohesive UX approach, including research plans and a design system used across all UIs. Leading the company into a mature UX program, she works closely with engineers and leadership to evangelize and champion the user experience in an extremely high tech realm. Coming from an engineering background in both web and software development, she uses her background to “speak the language” of the software and robotics engineers around her. When she’s not proclaiming the value of UX, she’s traveling the country and the world as a knight in shining armor (literally), an armored combatant on Buhurt International’s Team USA.

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Thursday, May 23


  • 6:45–7:00: Welcome and Announcements
  • 7:00-7:45: Presentation
  • 7:45-8:00: Q&A

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