November 23rd, 2021 Virtual Meeting – The Participant’s Well-Being is Your Responsibility

The Participant’s Well-Being is Your Responsibility

When working with study participants, our primary focus is typically on research objectives, logistics, and how much time is left until our lunch break. Yet, research participants make themselves vulnerable in many ways. Attending to these vulnerabilities is a moral and ethical obligation that also increases the quality of the research.
Join us to listen to some stories from Danielle about taking care of research participants and bring your own to share!


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Danielle Cooley

Owner and Principal, DG Cooley & Co.

Danielle Cooley has been working in design research and strategy for more than 20 years with such organizations as Hyundai, Pfizer, Graco, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Fidelity, MasterCard, and more. She runs a bespoke consulting practice and speaks frequently at local, national, and international conferences. She tweets sporadically at @dgcooley. Learn more about Danielle on Linkedin:

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