August 24th, 2021 Virtual Meeting – Inclusive UX in an Era of Anxiety

Inclusive UX in an Era of Anxiety

As the design industry continues to focus on accessibility and inclusivity, it’s more important than ever to consider mental health as a piece of the puzzle. With the skyrocketing rates of anxiety and depression throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic—plus many more of us struggling with daily stressors and mood swings that may lead us to irrational negative thinking—how often are we asking ourselves, “How will someone with anxiety experience our product/service/feature? How can we make that better?”
Join this discussion to:
  • Gain empathy via personal accounts of navigating technology with anxiety
  • Understand examples of digital experiences with inconspicuous mental and emotional impact
  • Learn best practices to bring back to your own designs

Cara’s recent article, published on Medium in May 2021, about the importance of considering mental health in your designs clearly touched a nerve with both the design community and those facing struggles with mental health—and in many cases for those of us who identify with both camps.


Picture of Cara Brashears

Cara Brashears

UX/UI Designer, Rx Savings Solutions

Cara specializes in human-centered design and strategy, with a particular interest in the tough-to-crack industries of healthcare and pharmacy. She has adopted both product designer and consultant roles for a breadth of platforms including B2B data management systems, consumer-facing mobile applications, data visualization, and omnichannel experiences. An academic background in cognitive psychology leads to an interdisciplinary approach, ensuring principles of human attention, perception, memory and behavior are considered from discovery to development. Lover of details, systems thinking, and houseplants.

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