July 28th, 2021 Virtual Meeting – Incorporate Service Design in Your Practice

Incorporate Service Design in Your Practice

How do you ensure that all your customer’s needs are met? Make sure all your employee’s needs are met! When your employees have all the tools and resources to get their jobs done and deliver great services and products to your customers, then you’ve mastered Service Design. Not there yet?? Learn the fundamentals of Service Design, how to map it, and how to apply it day-to-day practice.


About this Event

There’s a common misconception that service design is only for organizations that offer services, not products. When in fact, service design encompasses improving all the behind-the-scenes operations that make it possible for organizations to deliver products as well. The goal is to directly improve the employee’s experience which will indirectly improve the customer’s experience.
Many organizations are so focused on their products that they don’t realize or understand the need for service design. Nowadays, with the increased complexity of products, the line between product and service design is so blurred that it makes it even more imperative to focus on both.
Practicing service design is the responsibility of everyone in the organization So, how do we achieve this? In this talk, Eduardo will cover the fundamentals of service design, how to map it using a service blueprint, and how to apply it in day-to-day practice.


Eduardo Ortiz's Picture

Edurado Ortiz

CEO, Conforma

Eduardo Ortiz is the CEO and Founding Partner of Conforma. He has been leading user experience and product design teams for over 12 years in both the public and private sector. He draws on his service as a US Marine for his sense of discipline, leadership of complex groups, interdisciplinary thinking and a true sense of mission in all his work. He also leans heavily on his experience working for the Obama Administration in the USDS and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in which he focused using design, technology, and empathy to deliver better services to the American people; “I cherish working as an advocate, and helping to bring a sense of normalcy to those in need.”

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