Apr 24th, 2018 – How to design the way people experience YOU during presentations.

How to Design the Way People Experience YOU During Presentations

We have information, we need to get it to an audience, so we put it on slides, sometimes we even practice what we’re going to say, but are we thinking of how the audience experiences our delivery of that information? In this one hour presentation, Mike Teixeira, presentation expert and creative director, will explain why many presenters fail to connect with their audience and relay the information they crave in a way that is easy to comprehend.


In this session Mike will walk you through:

  • Tips on structuring a presentation for your audience’s needs
  • The Importance of story and how to use your life as a template
  • How to guide focus when presenting design and
  • Tips on delivery, to ensure attention is on you and that you are seen as the expert in the room.


Mike Teixeira

Mike Teixeira has worked with executives for over 20 years, helping them discover their core messages and relay them across multiple channels.

For over 20 years Mike has worked with brands like AARP, State Street, and Gillette, as a designer and Creative Director. His work lead him to the belief that good presentations were the key to business success. In 2017 he founded DECK, a presentation consultancy and agency located in Portsmouth, NH. Leveraging his background in theater, public relations, and corporate communications, he leads his clients through initial strategy, presentation structure, design, and delivery.

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Alpha Loft, a NH based non-profit, incubates and accelerates startups in NH at no cost to the founders. Check out their coworking space in Portsmouth and reach out if you have created a startup or know someone who has in NH. Learn more about Alpha Loft.

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Time and Location

6:00 – 6:30 Networking and refreshments

6:30 – 7:30 Presentation

7:30 – 8:00 Networking

Alpha Loft

10 Vaughan Mall, Suite 205, Portsmouth, NH, 03801

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