Mar 27th, 2018 – Building Understanding: Improving User Feedback Through the Power of Serious Play

Building Understanding: Improving User Feedback Through the Power of Serious Play

Design quality is intimately tied to the depth and accuracy of how users describe their experiences. Accessing subconscious thoughts and feelings of users improves the clarity of user-expression. In a hands-on session, you will experience LEGO® Serious Play® as a methodology to access subconscious knowledge and uncover user needs and feelings that might get lost using traditional user-research methods.

LEGO Serious Play is a thinking, communication and problem-solving technique that unlocks the full potential of individuals or teams quickly, effectively, and deeply and helps access thoughts powerfully and with deep meaning. LEGO bricks are used as a medium to build and to express complex ideas through storytelling and metaphors; they create a safe environment where participants feel free to share personal thoughts and concerns. Building with one’s hands involves both sides of the brain and thus fosters whole brain thinking and highly creative outcomes. A LEGO Serious Play session creates an inclusive culture of shared understanding and shared values that uncovers individual needs and taps into the power of group genius.


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Donna Denio

Donna is a communication specialist and passionate team-builder. Twelve years ago, Donna’s search for ways to optimize team performance connected her with the LEGO Serious Play methodology Igniting the power of teams and teamwork continues to make her heart sing. In addition to the United States, Donna has worked in the Philippines and Egypt so she loves to bring people from different cultures together. She is the 2013 recipient of the WTS Boston (Women’s Transportation Seminar) Diversity Leadership Award. Donna holds an MBA from Northeastern University, studied architecture and interior design at the University of the Philippines, is a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator and completed training to become an Agile Coach.

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Dieter Reuther

As a Transformation Catalyst, he helps organizations balance creative chaos with structure to bring the best out of teams and individuals, break down barriers, cultivate teams, and solve complex problems. He is a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator and uses this methodology to tap into creative energies, modes of thought and ways of seeing that many adults have forgotten they even possessed. Dieter launched and ran his own design firm in Germany. After 13 years as a Director in Design Operations and Information Technology at Ziba, a global innovation and design consultancy, he started 2011 his own consulting firm in Boston.

Dieter holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University, Munich, Germany, and an MBA from George Fox University, Portland, OR.

Session Details

Following a brief introduction to LEGO Serious Play, participants will work hands-on with LEGO bricks. We will facilitate an imaginary user research session for a new app where participants play the role of end-users. They will get briefed on the goals of the app and then dive into several build exercises that will distill user needs and feelings in a collaborative and safe environment.

Each build challenge follows these basic steps:

  • Instruct: the facilitator poses a build challenge.
  • Construct: participants build a model based on the build challenge.
  • Share: every participant shares the story of their model.
  • Reflect: participants can ask clarifying questions about the models.

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Time and Location

5:30 – 6:00 Networking and refreshments

6:00 – 8:00 Presentation

7:30 – 8:00 Networking

75 New Hampshire Ave #100, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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