Designing Interface Copy like a UX Writer

Crafting effective interface copy is essential for creating user-friendly digital experiences. This talk explores key strategies for designing interface copy that enhances user interaction and comprehension. Attendees will learn best practices for language choice, tone, and clarity, with insights into the role of empathy in communication. Additionally, the talk delves into the integration of AI technologies in interface copywriting, discussing when and how to leverage AI tools effectively to streamline the writing process while maintaining a human touch.


Photo of Kathleen Callahan

Kathleen Callahan

UX Writer, Copy Editor, Content Designer

Hi there! I’m Kathleen Callahan, a UX writer/content designer with 13 years of experience in writing, editing, and making digital experiences clearer.

Writing is, of course, a large part of my role. (It’s right there in the title!) But my job goes beyond writing. I seek to understand at a high level our users’ needs and goals, and to design intuitive content that helps them achieve what they came for. This means: -learning how our users speak and using the same language they do -adapting our product’s tone based on how users feel at each stage of their journey -anticipating places users might stumble and advocating for ways content could fix those potential issues before they happen I also have many years of experience as a copy editor, learning experience designer, and reporter. In other words, I’ve spent most of my career thinking about language and words, writing, editing, and rewriting. And then rewriting some more.


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