March 23, 2023 | Design Tokens: Become Your Developer’s Best Friend

Design Tokens: Become Your Developer’s Best Friend

We all know the power of a UI library as designers- they provide a central source of truth while creating new screens, give our business partners a wider window into our design ecosystem, and serve as a handy reference for front-end development. Despite this, they aren’t always a perfect solution. If we are lucky, our development teams re-use their code across all features and functions of a larger project. Other times, they do their best to re-create the UI components and ensure consistency across the platform.

Advancements in shared design and development toolkits are bringing us closer to bridging those gaps, including some new tools that can use AI to generate code from a design or designs from a codebase. But what if we already have a large project underway? What if we need to support many different development teams, each with a unique code base?

Enter Design Tokens: a new approach to creating a UI library that’s easily integrated into both design and development workflows. By involving our development team in the creation of our UI library, we can structure it in a way that’s both easier to understand for the development teams bringing it to life, and allows for automatic export of our styles into an existing platform!


Steven Jensco

Steven Jencso

Head of UX at TMG (Techmates Group)

Steven has worked across the UX field for the past decade, evolving from a junior researcher into the leader of a rapidly growing international design team. He currently serves as the Head of UX with TMG, acting as a lead designer for new client projects while supporting the strategic growth of their existing partners and serving as a mentor for new designers. Steven is based out of Portsmouth, NH and can often be found enjoying the seacoast with his wife and their two dogs, or spending time in northern NH enjoying the unspoiled wilderness and fresh air.


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