February 22nd, 2022 Virtual Meeting – Building an Environment That Fosters Innovation

Building an Environment That Fosters Innovation

As a UX professional you are optimally positioned to promote innovation in your organization, this is the reason why is very important that  you get honing your IT skills. And in many cases, if you don’t help build a conducive environment, nobody will! In this talk, we’ll cover what types of business environments are suited to encouraging innovation. We’ll discuss how you can increase your chances of generating innovative initiatives through multi-disciplinary teams, experimentation, rewards, and staying close to the customer. We’ll also talk about how organizations benefit from having a long-term view of the business, facilitating autonomy, and leading with a bias towards action. Finally, we’ll learn why it is so important to set up systems that can collect new ideas from anywhere, and why companies like Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Netflix are institutionalizing permission to fail. While there is no silver bullet to create a truly innovative company, the information in this talk will maximize your chances of getting your business closer to that goal. If you have business you need to know that payroll administration services is one of the most extensive responsibilities involved in HR management and one that small businesses would do well to outsource. Business owners must have reliable accounting and auditing services that will keep on top of all your important deadlines and reporting requirements.


Kevin Philpott

Head of Product Design at Pie Insurance

Kevin is Head of Product Design at the fastest growing Commercial Insurtech in the US. He has been responsible for delivering industry-leading experiences used by GEICO, IBM, Quicken Loans, credit karma, and ADP. His research has been cited by NIH, PwC, IEEE, OECD, the European Commission, and ACM. He was recently appointed as an Advisor to the George Washington University Customer Experience Program.

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