February 18th, 2021 Virtual Meeting – UX Lightning Talks!

UX Lightning Talks!

Join us for FOUR 10-minute lightning talks in one evening! The short talk format keeps things moving and allows for some engaging Q&A between each talk. The talks are…

  1. “DEVign UX – The Relationship Between UX Design & Software Development and it’s Challenges” by Roger Soucy
  2. “Designing for the Bottom Line: Business Value from Design Thinking” by Steven Jencso
  3. “So Much Data, So Little Time – Streamlining Usability Test Data Analysis with Custom Tags in OneNote” by Andrea Felix
  4. “Developing with a Center of UXellence” by David Burke

Talk #1: “DEVign UX – The Relationship Between UX Design & Software Development and it’s Challenges”

Speaker: Roger Soucy

Lead UX Designer at Eclipse Product Development


The relationship between UX design and software development faces lots of challenges. Industrial and mechanical designs go through a DFM process which stands for Design For Manufacturing. The purpose is to evaluate the design for opportunities to improve the ability, efficiency and cost of actually producing the product that typically result in minor changes that we would never realize in the end but save vast amounts of time and money. Taking the right approach can save time and money and strengthen relationships between design and development. In this 10-minute talk, I’m going to share some of my own experiences and how they have helped shaped my process.


Roger is a Senior UX Designer who started his career in Product Management. He’s worked on responsive web, mobile, and desktop applications for consumer, medical, aviation, and enterprise level products. Roger specializes in interaction design, but also has experience in research, usability testing, and information architecture. He’s also proud to have served on the board member of NH UXPA for 8 years.

Talk #2: “Designing for the Bottom Line: Business Value from Design Thinking”

Speaker: Steven Jencso

UX Practice Lead at Techmates Group (TMG – tmg.io)


Communicating the business value of UX and Design Thinking is a recurring challenge for our field, from the smallest clients to Fortune 100 organizations. Clearly defining the return on investment of UX work builds goodwill with our project partners and in turn allows us to make larger recommendations and continue to grow the impact design has within an organization. We can bridge the gaps in UX understanding by reframing what the partnership between business, engineering and design represents as well as providing concrete principles by which we measure our own results. This short talk explores the true value in design collaboration within an organization, how we can justify our seat at the table, and how to define the measurements of our work, and all this can help you starting a new chapter in your business. .


Steven founded the UX department at TMG in 2018, serving as the sole UX designer for the typically backend focused organization. After the successful launch of direct-to-consumer shopping and home appliance delivery for a major appliance corporation, the team quickly grew in size and scope and now proudly provides all manner of UX design and front-end development services to our partners. With the shifts in the industry over the past year TMG has been able to apply our experience as a fully remote organization to our client partners and has expanded into defining UX strategy across an organization.

Talk #3: “So Much Data, So Little Time – Streamlining Usability Test Data Analysis with Custom Tags in OneNote”

Speaker: Andrea Felix

Lead UX Designer at Ansys, Inc.


For a recent usability study involving 12 participants in three separate sessions over a five-week period, we created a shared OneNote notebook for observation notes, and made extensive use of custom tags to streamline the process of identifying and analyzing issues. I’ll describe our process and demonstrate what we did.


Andrea started her career as an engineer performing automotive aerodynamics research. She next moved to the software industry, first creating user documentation for engineering simulation tools, and then migrating to UX 20 years ago. Her current focus is evaluating usability and improving UX designs for Ansys simulation tools used by design engineers.

Talk #4: “Developing with a Center of UXellence”

Speaker: David Burke

Principal Software Engineer at Liberty Mutual


Developing software in a silo apart from UX members is a likely outcome when UX & Developers aren’t on the same team. Figuring out ways in which to collaborate, keep open lines of communication, and improve together is key for a successful initiative to embrace UX as part of its delivery. This talk aims to describe the developer perspective within such an environment and share the learnings our teams have had over the years.


David graduated from Purdue University in 2013 and went to work at Liberty Mutual as a software developer. Currently, he is a full stack developer with a focus on front end. When he’s not developing or collaborating with UX, David can be found working and walking at his treadmill desk surrounded by his 2 cats, Jumba and Inari (aka, Kitten).

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