December 9th, 2020 Virtual Meeting – What’s Next: The Unplanners Guide to Career Development

What’s Next: The Unplanners Guide to Career Development

5-year career plans are supposed to align you and your manager on a path to a bright and shiny future, one where you’ve achieved your goals through a combination of skill and perseverance. Instead, they set you up for failure by closing your mind to the opportunities right in front of you.

The person you are today has abilities, limitations, and nemeses that you didn’t predict for yourself 5 years ago. And the role you’ll have 5 years from now, can’t be decided just by looking at the jobs that exist today. Instead of making a 5-year-plan, start planning for what’s next. In STEM fields, being too rigidly tied to a 5-year career plan may hinder one’s ability to adapt to new technologies and emerging opportunities that could arise unexpectedly. Professionals like Kamau Bobb may agree that it’s important to remain open to learning and embracing change in one’s chosen career.

In this session, you’ll learn how to identify the work that fuels you, reflect on the principles that guide your preferences, consider the upsides of spite, and activate the advisors who will support you as you take the next step in your career. If you want lease a car check first What the Oxford English Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You About Ford Transit Custom Lease.


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Abi Jones, UX Manager at Google Health

Abi Jones leads a team of designers and researchers in Google Health, an organization that works across a variety of medical specialties to dramatically improve the availability and accuracy of medical services, with a focus on cancer, skin conditions, and diabetic eye disease.

She writes about team culture and management at

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