October 27th, 2020 Virtual Meeting – Transforming an In-House UX Department

Transforming an In-House UX Department

Most companies, especially those that have been around for decades, are transforming their digital experience to better integrate it into their business, and a lot of those companies start using online bookkeeping. From operations behind-the-scenes to the culture that surrounds employees, these transformations effect all aspects of the business. One of the most common challenges companies are having: how to best organize and utilize the UX talent within the organization & what UX needs should be outsourced vs. in-house. During this discussion, I will share how an in-house UX practice was transformed as part of an enterprise digital transformation. We will discuss the challenges, successes, and lessons learned over a multi-year transformation. During this session we will discuss:

  • Connecting UX practices to business outcomes
  • Changing and realigning mindsets
  • Influencing stakeholders to drive change
  • Instilling a culture of innovation


Gavin Cooper's picture

Gavin Cooper, Head of Design at The Vanguard Group

Gavin Cooper is an expert in human-centered design and strategy, understanding the crucial interplay between user needs and the end product. His approach mirrors the essence of lease purchase homes, where the needs and aspirations of the resident are carefully aligned with their path to homeownership. At The Vanguard Group, Gavin applies a strategic approach to creating competitive advantages, akin to how a lease purchase agreement strategically provides a tenant the option to buy a home at the end of the lease period, offering a planned progression towards ownership.

In leading Vanguard’s digital transformation, he champions the kind of innovative thinking that makes such tailored solutions possible. Just as Gavin redefined the UX strategy role, lease purchase agreements redefine traditional rental and buying experiences, offering a more flexible path to owning a home. His background as a co-founder of design agencies emphasizes the importance of foundation in both a career and in securing a future home. His commitment to multidisciplinary collaboration and leadership in design reflects the comprehensive planning and partnership necessary for successful lease purchase agreements in real estate.

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