August 25th, 2020 Virtual Meeting – Tech-Free Service Design: Mumbai’s “Dabbawalas”

Tech-Free Service Design: Mumbai’s “Dabbawalas”

Using no digital technology whatsoever, Mumbai’s “Dabbawalas” are a network of 5,000 delivery people that deliver up to 200,000 lunch boxes per day, in the fourth most populated city in the world! For the past two decades, thousands of Mumbai’s workforce have had a lunch box carrying a homemade meal picked up from their home, delivered to their desk by lunch time, then delivered back to their home ready to be refilled for the next day. A primarily illiterate and decentralized workforce, “Dabbawalas” are legends of efficiency, accuracy, and trustworthy service. Making less than one error every six million deliveries, the “Dabbawala” system is a well-oiled, totally analog, model of exemplary service design. Come learn from the “Dabbawalas!”


Neha Agarwal and Dhiraj Sapkal

Neha Agarwal, Design Lead at Think Company

Neha Agarwal is a Design Lead at Think Company. She is a designer, educator, and travel enthusiast whose interests blend design thinking, user experience, social innovation, leadership, and cultural exploration. She has helped shape digital experiences for the pharmaceutical, finance, human resource, and higher education industries. Prior to Think, she served as Associate Professor and Department Chair of Graphic Design at La Roche University in Pittsburgh. Through organizations such as AIGA Philadelphia, AIGA Pittsburgh, The Design Activist Institute, and various other groups, Neha remains active in the local community by serving on boards, giving talks, running workshops, and planning events.  

Dhiraj Sapkal, Senior Experience Designer at Think Company

An Experience Designer a Think Company, Dhiraj is a hybrid designer, able to produce designs that are intuitive, beautiful and accessible. He is adept at surfacing the user’s needs by listening to and engaging with the user through contextual inquiries and using those findings to drive rapid prototypes that can then be tested and iterated upon to create a fully fleshed out rich interactive experience. His strong passion for interaction design enables Dhiraj to create meaningful and deliberate animations and interactions that act to enhance the user’s experience in a meaningful way.

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