Jan 25th, 2018 – Evaluating the impact of context-of-use on the usability of mobile applications

Evaluating the impact of context-of-use on the usability of mobile applications

Within the mobile domain, context-of-use can change rapidly, which may impact the entire user experience. Understanding context-of-use is therefore vital to the success of mobile application design. To account for this, UX researchers and designers often address context-of-use by gathering and specifying design requirements that include context-of-use at an early phase in their projects.

However, as agile-based teams tend to move very quickly, there is often a lack of consideration for the external context in design evaluations. Many mobile applications are therefore designed and developed with specifics contexts in mind, yet without really knowing if the mobile applications are actually usable within those specified contexts. Any user testing that is done is often done in the lab, which does not reflect real-world environments. Recording users’ mobile screens has also become more popular, yet this brings its own set of problems.

This talk will focus on a UX research method known as a Contextual Usability Evaluation. This will allow UX researchers and designers to quickly and inexpensively discover the impact, if any, of specified contexts-of-use on the usability of mobile applications, even within fast-paced agile environments. Anyone that currently, or may in the future, research and design mobile applications will be interested in this talk.

Guest Speaker

Ger Joyce
Senior Manager, Research & Usability at TripAdvisor

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Ger has been involved with user experience research since 2003 and is currently a Senior Manager, Research & Usability with TripAdvisor. Ger is also pursuing a PhD in Human Computer Interaction, where his academic research focuses on mobile application usability, in particular the usability of mobile apps within rapidly changing contexts. Ger is also a keen photographer, you can see his portfolio at www.gjoyce.com.

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