February 21st 2017 – Solving Big Problems: UX of Voting

Solving Big Problems: UX of Voting

The single most important act any citizen can do is to vote in an election.  Bonds, US Presidents, school boards, laws, and business depend upon how people vote. Since the 200 general election usability issues with the Florida butterfly ballot and other voting systems have been under scrutiny.  UX professionals have offered a series of solutions to help improve voting systems. In this talk, we will review some of the recent research on voting systems. You will see examples of poor ballot designs and voting processes as well as some suggested solutions. Plus, we will review ongoing efforts to improve the user experience of voting.

Guest Speaker

Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Elizabeth Rosenzweig is a Principal Usability Consultant at the User Experience Center. She has worked as a consultant and employee in several major corporations for more than 30 years. Her experience includes design, research and development, ranging from website and applications to hardware products and technology development. Elizabeth has completed projects for many major corporations and academic institutions. She holds four patents in intelligent user interface design

Elizabeth is Founder and Director of World Usability Day, which she started in 2005 after her term as President of Usability Professionals Association was completed. World Usability Day has grown to include 44 countries with more than 180 events. Elizabeth was recognized for this work through the UPA  (now UXPA) Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. Elizabeth is the author of the book “Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps” published by Morgan Kaufman and frequently publishes in industry journals, has written chapters in four published books and regularly presents lectures at conferences around the world.

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Photography and Printing Technologies from Goddard College and a Master of Science in Visual Studies (User Interface Design and Computer Output) from the Media Lab at MIT.


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Time and Location

6:15 – 6:45 Networking and refreshments

6:45 – 7:45: Presentation

7:45 – 8:30 Networking

Silvertech 196 Bridge Street, Manchester NH

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