May 23rd, 2018 – Why Does Your Customer Hire Your Product? Design Thinking Using Jobs-to-be-Done

Why Does Your Customer Hire Your Product? Design Thinking Using Jobs-to-be-Done

Henry Ford allegedly said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Prior to the automobile, people hired horses to perform a job: To get from one place to another without walking. Ford provided a better solution to that job, and as a result, all the horses were fired.

Organizations are now recognizing that design can be a market differentiator, but design and marketing teams still struggle to connect the true reasons *why* a customer uses of a product, service, website, or app to the day-to-day work of feature prioritization and design. As as a result, designers are often left designing features that are less innovative than they could be – in other words, they design faster horses.

Clayton Christiansen’s “Jobs-to-be-Done” framework can help keep product and design teams focused on the latent, underserved customer desires for which their products and services will be hired. You’ll walk away with a framework you can adapt and use within your own organization to uncover those desires, build team consensus around them, and use them to innovate on both new and existing products, features, and advertising.


Bryan Maleszyk

Bryan is a digital transformation leader with over 20 years of conceiving, designing, marketing digital-first products and services. He’s worked with large B2C clients such as adidas, Nikon, and Toyota, to early-stage pre-seed startups.

As Director of Experience Design at Connective DX, Bryan helps businesses and organizations create experiences that people love. As a Mentor-in-Residence at startup accelerator Techstars Boston, he helps early-stage startups create new products and services that disrupt underserved markets.

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